The NICU staff

We would really like to thank the staff of Sinai Samaritan's NICU.  For 4 months they took wonderful care of Ashley, while putting up with me.  And that is no small task. ;)  Seriously, the staff there really made a difficult time in our lives much easier to bear.  The friendships we made there will always be cherished and definitely not forgotten.  There were so many times that you could have done just what the job description said, but so many times you went above and beyond it to make it easier.  For that we will always be grateful.


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Gabby was one of Ashley's main nurses Ardith doesn't like having her picture taken. Dr. Mishefske was Ashley's first Doctor Dr. Miller discharged Ashley from the hospital
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Diane and Sandy wondering who let me run free with camera. Sue, how can you look so awake after the graveyard shift? Oh man! He caught us sitting down again! Jeanne is juuuuust about to kill me.
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"Gabby, you look so smart in those glasses!" Lynn demonstrating proper feeding technique. Matt. A man among women. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.... ;)
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Anita trained Ashley to wake up at 3 AM and want to play What do you want?! Oh, anything for you Barry. Sandy, did they tie your leash to the cabinet, again?
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