Hospital Movies

"Two thumbs up!"

"She's going to be a star!"

"I laughed, I cried,...."

These videos are 15 second long.  They are about 343 kB and could take several minutes to download.  These are MPEG movies and can be played on RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or various other mpeg players.

I pulled out some of the movies.  There was getting to be quite a list.  Don't worry, though, I left the best ones from birth to now for your viewing pleasure.


Featured Movie of the Day:  Same as "Hiccups and Big Eyes" below;   

The Featured Movie only works for Microsoft Explorer. Sorry


July 12, 2000 Hiccups and Big Eyes!
July 1, 2000 Another Bath
June 30, 2000 Check out the new threads!
June 24, 2000 Bath Time!
June 24, 2000 Crying! Not much, but it was a cry!
June 21, 2000 Just Looking all around
June 14, 2000

Sarah said I have a booger nose! 

(Very good view of Ashley without the respirator)

June 14, 2000 Look at me swim! Bring on the Olympics!

May 8, 2000

Kangaroo Kare: How is it?
April 29, 2000 Mommy Changing Ashley's Diaper
April 29, 2000 Daddy telling Mommy how to change Ashley's Diaper ;)
April 23, 2000 Just a little Sun bathing

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