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April 21st - May 21st 2000

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Little Face With JoAnn's Ring Sun Bathing Nurse Sandy's Hands
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Yes, Saran Wrap Old Incubator Gabby helping JoAnn Hold her for the first time. All Bundled Up

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Hey, Little Girl New Incubator Daddy Gets to Hold Her Is she in there?
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I like this

I'm a Kangaroo! Sleepy Girl Mommy at last
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Feeding Time

Tiny, Little Hand

Ashley weighed 730 grams / 1lb 10 oz and 32.5 cm / 12.8 inches long at the 

end of her first month. A gain of 165 grams / 6 ounces and 4 cm / 1.55 inches

May 21st - June 21st 2000

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Little Feet AAAHH! No More Pictures, Daddy!

This feels more like it.

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Ouch! Don't pull the hair! Future Home!

Look! I'm bigger than my Lion.... barely.

First Bath! Check out the Wester Abs!
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Soooo relaaaaxing....


Look Ma! No respirator! New Respirator

I can't see, Pull up the hat

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My Nob id plugd First costume: An Elephant I can sleep now without that tube down my throat. Sleep Tight
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Stroke and kick and stroke and kick.... Who are you?

Weighed 1210 grams / 2lb 10.5 oz and 36 cm / 14.2 inches long at the end of the

second Month! That is a gain of 480 grams / 19 ounces and 3.5 cm / 1.4 inches.

June 22nd - July 21st 2000

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Glad to get out of that CPAP!

Mommy & Ashley's first 

bath together.

Check out that clean hair! Can't a girl get some privacy?
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Where's my rubber ducky? All clean. Time to lotion up. Whew! I smell much better now. Check out my Cool outfit!
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Thank Heaven for Little Girls Going,  Going, Gone
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Daddy gets to bathe me Get that face clean Just chillin' Tiny, yet clean.
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Oma (Grandma) gets to hold me. Now its Opa's (Grandpa's) turn Lather, rinse, repeat Perfectly placed washcloth
scrubbin_the_back.jpg (143592 bytes) ashley&daddy.jpg (91134 bytes) whats_on_the_ceiling.jpg (105271 bytes) joann&crib.jpg (127574 bytes)
Oooo, yeah. A little higher... You sleeping? That ceiling is pretty interesting.... My New Crib!

Final Weight for Month 3: 1915 grams or 4lb 3.5oz. 

Final Length for Month 3: 40 cm or 15.8 inches long

July 22nd - Aug 18th 2000

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Who dressed me? I clash! Can't you see that I'm not HAPPY?!?! This is better. Now your talking. I look adorable in this! Sleeping Peacefully
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Grandpa gets his first chance to hold me.

Grandma waited a long 

time for this

Ashley's corner of the NICU. Mommy feeding Ashley.
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Through the teeth, Through the gums,

Look out tummy, 

here it comes!

Me and my Boppy.
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That medicine is awful!

Me Ashley, you Tarzan. Like this hat is going to do anything!

Bye, Bye NICU.

 I'll miss you!

Weight upon going Home: 6lb 2 oz.

Length upon going Home: 19 inches long

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